Love Free Camping? Learn How We Get Clean Potable Water From Practically Any Water Source

Water... the most precious commodity on earth. As travellers in this vast country of ours, the need for good quality water is ever present. It is the one over-riding factor that limits the amount of time we can spend away from Caravan Parks.

Not all of us have big new vans, with large capacity water tanks or always stay in Caravan Parks. With the growing popularity of Free Camping, we often find ourselves needing to move on as our water stockpile gets lower and lower.

The Feature Article below, "Water Purification System" highlights a recently completed Project that allows us to obtain fresh, clean drinking water from creeks, rivers and billabongs throughout Australia.

It's presented here as entertainment. I am not a 'water specialist'. My only association with the water industry is, I drink it and bathe in it! Perhaps it's a project you may like to undertake... especially if you don't want to worry about running out of water again!



Water Purification System:
A Portable Pump and Filter System For Producing
Clean Water From Creeks and Rivers.

Bilge Pump Water Transfer System:
A Portable Unit For Pumping Filtered Creek or River Water
From Holding Tank Through Final Filter Into Caravan Water Tanks

This one's for home...
D.I.Y Home Made Berkey™ Style Water Filter:

You Can Save $100's With This Easy D.I.Y. Project


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